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The city of Aurangabad is also the City of Gates. At one point, 52 gates provided entrance and exit to and from the city. Today, several gates still remain. You can see them about the old town. Some are near major attractions. The Himroo Factory for cotton and silk, for example, is near the Zaffer Gate. The oldest gate, the Bhad Kal Gate, is adjacent to the sites of Ajant and Ellora Caves.If your goal is the Old City, can provide a list of hotels in Aurangabad close to the centre attractions. It will allow you to walk from the doors of your hotel in Aurangabad to the memorial of Bibi-ka-Makbara. This mausoleum resembles the grander Taj Mahal. It was built to honor Empress Rabia Durani. Behind this tomb, you can find a small Archeological Museum. Further history is available in architectural forms. Visit the 17th century Water Wheel - Panchakki. Its large grinding stones operate by power from a river source piped in from 6km away. There is also the past chronicled in the Naukhanda Palace of Nizams near Jubilee Road and in the Chwak Masjid Shayista Khan (1665). Its five domes make its presence felt across the city. Look out of the window of your Aurangabad hotel. You are certain to see them glistening. The Jame Masjid Mosque is also visible. It has a dome vault over each of its 27 interior parts. In front of the Mosque, there are 9 arches.