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The Old City is Central Pune. In it, you can locate many attractions. They are within walking distance of many of the hotels in Pune. You can step out the door of a Pune hotel right into the lively district of Temples, Museums and Parks. provides you a list of Pune hotels suitable for your needs. From them, head off to enjoy a walk in the Empress Garden or for a visit to the Sharniwarwada (1730-1732).The Sharniwarwada is the remains of a 5-storied wall structure. It has 5 gates and 9 bastions. The tall ramparts looked out over, and protected, the entire city. The gates of teak are still in place, as is the lotus fountain with its 16 petals. Of as great historical importance, is the Temple near Swargate. It is small and encloses a statue of the God-Who-Fulfills-Wishes. You should also visit the Pune Tribal Museum. It will provide you with information on the culture and history of the Maharashtrian Tribes. Of similar interest is the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum. It contains some 2,000 articles and artifacts of metal, stone and wood. Inside, you can view a recreation of the Mastrai Mahal, a famous structure (1734). There is also a music gallery containing various musical instruments. Not too far away is the Ohel David Synagogue. This Lal Devel (Red Temple) is Asia’s oldest Synagogue. It features stained glass windows and a 90’-tall tower.