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Amritsar in the Punjab province, India, is most famously known for being the home of the great Golden Palace. Stunning in its beauty and its peaceful lake-like surroundings, the Golden Palace is a place of pilgrimage for many religious enthusiasts of many creeds, colors, and callings. The word Amritsar literally means the pool of ambrosial nectar. Amritsar played a pivotal role in Indias fight for independence from the British and the Jalianwala Bagh is a local point of interest commemorating the tragic and martyred deaths of over 2,000 Indians in the year 1919 from indiscriminate British rifle fire. The city is rich in history and culture and booking one of the excellent discount hotels in Amritsar will give you the opportunity to fully explore the city's eventful past.Amritsar is inextricably tied into its religious past and the Durgiana Temple, dedicated to the Goddess Durga, is a celebrated point of local interest for devout Hindus to visit. Away from the religion based attractions, you will find the Ram Bagh Garden and the Harike Wetland Wildlife Sanctuary. But Amritsar also offers some of the finest shopping anywhere in the world and you can get some stunning Indian fabrics for making your own saris etc. Amritsar is a year round destination, so apart from certain religious festivals, accommodation is plentiful and you can easily book one of the cheap hotels in Amritsar without any problem.