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      There are many wonderful cities in India where visitors can stay and enjoy the great sites available to them. One of the great cities in India is the city of Jaisalmer, which is also known by its nickname The Golden City. Staying in Jaisalmer, while visiting, is no problem when you book a discount hotel with Many hotels are centrally located to all the Jaisalmer attractions youll want to see, so book early to get the best deals.The multiple sites to see in Jaisalmer include the Jaisalmer Fort, which contains the Raj Mahal or the Royal Palace of Jaisalmer, one of the greatest examples of ancient Islamic architecture. It is no problem to find a place to visit for those people who love to explore different cultures, because the Desert Culture Centre and Museum is located in this city. After visiting this museum, you will not only know all about the culture of the city, but you can also find out about the history of the city and the country.