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The Vindhaya hills or mountains define this region in the Upper Pradesh. It is, as travelers to Bundelkhand soon discover, a land of rough topography, deep-cut valleys and maze-like hills. Try to stay a weekend. Bundelkhand is a province that will surprise you with its medieval towns, granite bridges and, of course, the tales of the Ganges River. While in Bundelkhand, visit the remains of the Buddhist temple at Sarnath with its Dhamekh Stupa and museum. In Varanasi, you can explore the Durga Temple, the Ganges River banks, the old city and the Ramnagar Forest beyond. In Kalinjars, there is an immense fortress, its seven gates each symbolizing one of the seven planets. This abandoned fort is astrologically precise. You can also go to see the 17th century forts of Jhansi or cross over to Orchha just over the border in the Madyha Pradesh to catch a glimpse of the well-preserved palaces of the Royals.