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Variety of climate and weather conditions is a key factor in the geography of Tamil Nadu, a large state near the Bay of Bengal. Visitors who choose a discount hotel in Tamil Nadu will find arid conditions, then travel just a short distance to see thick, forested land and a mountainous landscape. Along with agriculture that is supported by the monsoon season, Tamil Nadu features excellent beaches, with popular resorts in the capital of Chennai. But the climate and geography are certainly not the only attractions a visitor can experience outside their Tamil Nadu hotel. This state is also known for its rich history and cultural sites.The temples are considered among the great attractions, so travelers should let help them find a budget hotel in Tamil Nadu so they can experience such centers of culture as Rameswaram, Srirangam and Kanyakumari. One of the more popular attractions is Pongai, a harvest festival in January. The music and literature of Tamil Nadu are a drawing card for those who choose a discount Tamil Nadu hotel. Visitors will delight in the bull-taming contest, local festivals based on religious faiths, and the well-known music and dancing with strong folk roots. This region is also second in film production only to the famous Bollywood industry.