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    With the largest population in the country and ranking fourth in land size, Uttar Pradesh is a state rich in history, culture and scenery. This makes it an ideal destination for the traveler who starts from a discount Uttar Pradesh hotel. One of the first experiences visitors will have is the fascinating music and dance culture of this region. With a history reaching back hundreds of years in such classical dances as Kathak, as well as in modern music, Uttar Pradesh is sure to be a must-see stop for the traveler who works with to find a hotel in Uttar Pradesh. On the list of things to see are the leather masters in Kanpur, the glass wonders of Firozabad and the pottery of Khurja. Don't leave out woodcarving, metal ware and carpets to get the total Uttar Pradesh experience.But there is plenty here to satisfy the lover of the outdoors as well, with beautiful mountain scenery and ancient buildings that draw visitors every year. Some will spend a good deal of time in Dudhwa National Park or see the Pindari Glacier. The traveler who starts from a budget Uttar Pradesh hotel may want to take in some of the region's great architecture, such as the Amar Singh Gate and the Chhota Imambara. Temples, palaces and buildings that remain from the British colonial days are reason enough to visit Uttar Pradesh.