Hotels in Mathura

      Mathura Details

      Every year, pilgrims make their way to Mathura. They come to visit the Krishnajanmabhoomi or birthplace of his Lord Krishna. It is no surprise, then, that the Hare Krishnas have a major temple here, the Krishna Balrama Mandir (1975). You, with the help of can make a pilgrimage here, too. Stay in a hotel in Mathura close to the sacred places. This includes the main temple in town, the Dwarikadheesh Temple (1814).Others stay only overnight in one of the hotels in Mathura. They plan to head up the Yamuna River to Agra and the Taj Mahal. While in Mathura, you can enjoy the sights. While the old fort, Quila-Fort, is dilapidated, the red sandstone Government Museum is not. You can visit it in the middle of Dampier Park. Enjoy the exploration and explanation of history within the Curzon or Government Museum of Archeology. Of particular interest is the collection of coins. They are gold, silver and copper. They mingle with displays of clay seals and ancient pottery. You can ogle stone sculpture and paintings and bronze works. Afterwards, leave this octagonal building for a stroll through the Damier Park. Relax, people watch, then head back to your room in one of the Mathura hotels. Be sure to walk by the 4-storied 17m tall tower of red sandstone, Sati Bur.