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Anyer is just a two hour drive from Jakarta, but is a lifetime away from the hustle and bustle of the capital. Swaying coconut palms line the streets, inviting you to shed your stress and enjoy this peaceful setting. From Anyer you can visit the infamous Krakatau volcano, which spectacularly erupted in 1883. In its place today is the Anak Krakatau, child of Krakatau, which emerged from the ocean in 1928. Taking a boat trip to the eastern shore of Anuk Krakatau, where you can scale up to the rim and peer into the smoking crater, is well worth the adventure. You can also visit the Krakatau Museum, which has fascinating information about the volcano and archeological displays.The Ujung Kulon National Park is also nearby. Here you can hike through pristine jungle and discover rare and exotic wildlife including the Java rhinoceros. Near Anyer, is the beautiful island of Shanghyang. With a spectacular coral reef Shanghyang Island makes an ideal snorkeling excursion from Anyer. There is much to discover and enjoy in this tropical paradise and has budget hotels in Anyer that promise a relaxing memorable Java experience.