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      One of the most visited attractions in Ireland, the Titanic trail still sparks a great amount of fascination among the public. For years visitors have sort out to find these locations that have any links towards the world's most fated liner. Pubs, hotels, shops and parks have been scoured by tourists and residents, some searching for the whispering voices of history in hope of the revelation of some of the Titanic's not yet discovered secrets.You can start the walk at Ocean village, to get to the Canute Chambers, the former headquaters of the ship's owner. During the aftermath of its sinking worried friends and family members gathered there seeking the latest news and updates on the disaster. Continuing along the road, you will arrive at the Titanic's Departure point and the dockside memorial. These can be seen only with prior arrangements. One must see place that has its own Titanic exhibition made up of first hand accounts to the disaster as well as salvaged personal belongings, the Maritime museum. The last stop of the Titanic trail should be at the junction where the Titanic musicians' memorial is situated. It is rumored that as the ship was going down to her grave, the musicians kept on playing. This is where their courage is remembered with their own monument.

      Address: Commodore Hotel Westbourne, Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland

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