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Considered one of the country's biggest destinations for visitors, Youghal, Ireland, offers a unique blending of sights for tourists. Situated on Youghal Bay at the mouth of the Blackwater River, this city is officially designated as an Irish Heritage Town. Its attractions include a blending of medieval historic sites and natural wonders, making it a great stop for those who want to see the best Ireland has to offer.Discount hotels in Youghal, Ireland, are the perfect starting point for an exploration of this walled town. Youghal, in fact, is one of the very few towns in the county that still boasts intact medieval walls. The original Trinity Gate along the wall was replaced in 1777 with the Clock Gate. Tynte's Castle is also located here. The 15th century structure is a fortified tower. Other attractions guests in cheap hotels in Youghal, Ireland, can explore include the remains of St. John's Priory, the Red House and the Benedictine Priory. Outdoors lovers will find this city in the county Cork also has its own beaches, is a favorite destination for fishing and also offers hikers and cyclists plenty of trails to explore.