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    Doolin Details

    Doolin is a small fishing village on the west coast of Ireland in the County of Clare.  It is the home for the Doolin Cave which boasts ‘The Great Stalactite’ which is the largest known stalactites in the world with a length of 6.5 meters.  It is also world wide renowned as the capital of traditional Irish music. Many well-known names in the Irish Traditional Music Scene have started out in Doolin.  But the music is not the only reason why the village of Doolin makes a good base point to stay at in a discount hotel. can help you book hotels in this panoramic area.  The area has a rough, intriguing and attractive landscape along the coast line just the kind of picturesque settings a ‘shutter bug’ would cherish and hunt for.The ‘want to stay active guests’ will find that the village and area offers great golf, putting, biking, walking, fishing and then there is still horse riding. Doolin, over the last few years also has become extremely popular with surfers. Then there is Bouldering too, which is a type of Rock Climbing and the coast around the village boasts one of the best locations for it. Archaeologists, botanists, spelaeologists, will never tire of exploring the network of caves and the Burren which is a 350 sq kilometers limestone plateau in the area in and around the village.