Hotels in Cashel

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Cashel Details

If you are traveling to the West Coast of Ireland, then just eleven miles from Cahir enroute to Dublin is the town of Cashel. Towering over the town is the Rock of Cashel complete with a collection of genuine medieval buildings. If youre traveling at the weekend, Cashel is well worth a visit, especially in the late afternoon. If you want a taste of traditional Irish hospitality then Cashel hotels have plenty to offer the visitor. Hotels in Cashel are well prepared for visitors and most offer bicycles for hire.The Rock of Cashel contains the Church of St. Patrick and it is still possible to go inside the Church and look at the carvings. If you travel off season then it is possible to get a discount. Hotels in Cashel offer good service throughout the year. If you are really interested in Irish history then visit Bothán Scóir a unique medieval peasants home. If you like a good read then spend some time in the GPA Bolton Library which houses a huge selection of antiquarian books. Stay in one of Cashels cheap hotels and enjoy the Cashel folk village. If you want to book your trip early then you could always try a site like or something similar.