Hotels in The Aran Islands

      The Aran Islands Details

      The Aran Islands is an island that is so rich in culture, history and heritage, it just has to be seen to be believed. It is a great attraction located only a ferry away from the beautiful city of Galway. This island has unique landscape that is composed of limestone, big large boulders, considerable stretches of cliffs and pretty clean beaches. The traveler gets to see three islands in total, namely: Mór (Big Island), Iris Méain (Middle Island) and Iris Oírr (eastern island). Gaelic is the native language in this island.Due to the island being isolated, it has helped preserve the language and culture. The traveller can easily get to Galway mainland, with the ferry facility that is of disposal. A lot of activities can be carried out here including: fishing, swimming or merely just relaxing etc.