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Kilronan Details

Kilronan, located in the County Galway province of Ireland is a wonderful little town. It is the main town on the island of Inishmore. Inishmore Island is small, but has a lot of history. In particular, there is a lot of early Christian history on the island. Visitors will love exploring the old Abbey and cemetery located here. The most well known of the Christian sites is Dun Aengus - The Fort of Aonghasa. This fort sits on the very edge of the island on top of a 90m high sea cliff. Dun Aengus is one of the finest prehistoric monuments in Western Europe. St. Lassers well is also popular, as it carries a plaque commemorating Pope John Paul II visit to Ireland.Kilronan also boasts the ruins of the castle and the original church here dates back to the 8th century. There are not a lot of accommodations here, but with some help from, you can find just the right Kilronan Ireland hotel to suit your travel needs. Kilronan, and the rest of Inishmore Island is accessed via ferry. Once you reach the island, is it easy to explore it by bicycle.