Hotels in Tullycross

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Tullycross Details

Tully Cross is in Connemara, Galway on the western coast of Ireland. If you are staying in Connemara then this village is a good place to spend the weekend. Tully Cross has a mixture of accommodation, much of it self catering. Tully Cross hotels and B&Bs cater for a wide variety of guests and in the wider area there are places to suit all budgets. Hotels in Tully Cross offer good, wholesome food and a warm welcome to guests. You would need to stay in the wider area if you are looking for discount hotels. Tully Cross is not a large place but it is worth a visit. There is plenty to see in Tully Cross; cheap hotels further afield need to be booked early at such sites such as the King Church is worth a visit with its beautiful stained glass windows. You should also take a look at Connemara Golf Club if you fancy an afternoon on the green. If you feel really energetic then you could take a pony ride through Connemara National park.