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      Hotels in Kilkenny, Ireland, will take visitors back in time to an era where knights rode powerful steeds and donned suits of shining armor. Located in Kilkenny County, the city itself is among Irelands most notable tourist destinations. Courtesy of its many festivals and well-preserved medieval structures, Kilkenny enables visitors to take in many of the sights, sounds and flavors that make Ireland so beloved by holidaymakers.Discount hotels in Kilkenny are centrally located to enable visitors to see the many attractions this area has to offer. Perhaps the most popular destination in this region is Kilkenny Castle itself. Built in the 1190s, this towering structure is situated on the River Nore. Although it once served as a symbol of Norman occupation, it now is a major tourist attraction. Other destinations in Kilkenny include St. Marys Cathedral, the Dominican Black Abbey, St. Canices Cathedra and the Kilkenny City Walls. The city is also home to a number of annual events, including the Kilkenny Arts Festival, which takes place each August. Kilkennys Nolan Park also plays host to the annual Source concert, which draws popular mainstream performers to this historic city.