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Ireland is a country with many attractions that show off the wonderfully rich cultural heritage of the people there, and Kiltimagh is no exception. This town alone has a rather large concentration of castles and ruins, so be sure you book a budget hotel with and plan on staying more than one day. Start your trip out with a visit to the Ceide Fields, discovered in the 1930s. These fields are rich with history, so ask around for tour guides, or just gather legends and stories from the locals with a visit to a local pub beforehand. This approach really lets you get to know the natives.Once you’re ready, head out to the Ashford Castle, built in 1228. The Norman architecture on display here is some of the most dramatic and imposing to be found anywhere, and it makes for a sight that you won’t soon forget. Also on display in Kiltimagh is the Rockfleet Castle, also known as Carraigahowley Castle, one of greatest monuments to Irish royalty ever built.