Hotels in Roscommon Town

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Roscommon Town Details

Market Square in Roscommon Town is the historic center of this community. If you are fortunate, will list a Roscommon Town hotel nearby. There are many hotels in Roscommon Town, including rustic budget Roscommon Town hotels. They cater to the tourists who arrive to see the sights. Some are eager to visit the old Gaol. Here you may here the story of the female executioner, Lady Betty. Apparently, she drew portraits of everyone she planned to behead. The Façade of the Gaol retains its original character.Further about the square are other historical structures. These include the former Roscommon Town Courthouse and the Roscommon Town Library. The latter resides in the former “Old Infirmary.” This building operated as a hospital from 1738 to 1941. During this period several changes occurred. You can see the architectural alterations in the structure. Of an earlier time are the Roscommon Town (1269-1652), essentially Norman with massive 16th century walls and mullioned windows, and the Dominican Priory. The Priory by Felim O’conor (1253) contains a late 15th century tomb with the effigy of its founder, F. O’Conor. Surrounding him are 8 gallow glasses or mercenaries wearing chain mail. One carries an axe, the rest hold swords. Return to your hotel in Roscommon Town for dinner. Afterwards, head off to the modern 194-seat Roscommon Town Arts Center for a movie, theater or dance performance or a concert.