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      Hotels in Athlone, Ireland, put holidaymakers in the heart of County Westmeath. Known for its proximity to the countrys geographical center, Athlone is located along the banks of the River Shannon and provides visitors with a number of distinct attractions that make it well worth a stay. The attractions in Athlone are well-rounded providing something for fans of the arts, the outdoors and history all in a single destination.Discount hotels in Athlone are centrally located to enable visitors to take in the many sights, sounds and flavors that make Ireland so famous. The cultural attractions in Athlone alone are enough to draw in crowds. This city is home to three theaters, including the Dean Crowe, the Little Theatre and the Passionfruit Theatre Company. Athlone plays host to the annual All-Ireland Drama Festival and a literary festival, as well. While the arts do take center stage, the city is not without its share of historic sites. The ruins of the abbey at Athlone date to the medieval period. St. Peter and Pauls church is also a towering structure on the west bank of the Shannon. Visitors will also discover that Athlone is ideal for nature lovers. Its location near Lough Ree makes it an excellent destination for birdwatchers, fishing enthusiasts and swimmers alike. Holidaymakers who select budget hotels in Athlone will find this centralized city offers the best of Ireland in a single destination.