Hotels in Dunfanaghy

Dunfanaghy Details

Dunfanaghy is a small tourist seaside town which used to be a fishing village. Its a great place to be if you fancy a fishing weekend. Dunfanaghy only has a few hotels. Dunfanaghy hotels offer plenty of sea food dishes and hotels in Dunfanaghy are famous for the warm welcome they give to visitors. Dunfanaghy workhouse is now a history museum and well worth a visit. It is possible to find discount hotels; Dunfanaghy is in Donegal in the West of Ireland. It might be worthwhile looking at the surrounding area if you are looking for cheap hotels. Dunfanaghy may be popular but it is quite small. You could look for alternative accommodation on sites like is plenty of opportunity for water sports in Dunfanaghy. It is worth a drive to take a look at Donegals heritage gardens and national park. Spend some time at Donegal golf club or visit the Mill Restaurant in Dunfanaghy which dates back to the late nineteenth century.