Hotels in Dublin

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    Dublin is the capital city to the island nation of the Republic of Ireland. Since the medieval times this largest city of Ireland has experienced a continuous flow of tourists. As a result the importance of Dublin hotels is always on the rise. The present day Irish multi-ethnic populace consists of communities from India, China, Korea, Nigeria and Eastern European countries. Elite education institutes like the University of Dublin and Trinity College have been enrolling students from all parts of the globe making room for the establishment of more Dublin hotels. Situated in the eastern coast of Ireland, the bizarre division between north and south zones marked by the flow of River Liffey in this city can be best witnessed from the affordable Dublin hotels. The division is geographical and social as well. Lying on the opposite banks of the river, the North side is inhabited by the working-class, while the affluent middle and upper middle class populate the South side. Started centuries ago by the Earl of Kildare who resided on the southern banks, this partition has affected the postal department of Dublin too that follows distinctive codes for the regions. Hotels in Dublin are abundant for all classes of travellers near every tourist attraction. However, the passion that wipes out every distinction amongst travellers is the thrill of Irish rugby and football and even grips them to get booked in various cheap hotels in Dublin.