Hotels in Dún Laoghaire Railway Station

    Dún Laoghaire Railway Station Details

    Since this relatively newly renovated station is located close to Dún Laoghaire Harbor and the ferry terminal, it is an ideal central location to arrive in Dublin. The first Dún Laoghaire Station was originally designed by John Skipton Mulvany. This building has now been fully restored and converted into a restaurant.

    Also known as Mallin Station, provides DART service as well as inner city service. The modern design of this station includes the actual station itself, which sits on a bridge type structure above the three platforms. While waiting for your train, there is the option to spend some time in the coffee shop within the station, or to cross the street and take a stroll along the piers of the harbor.

    Address: Crofton Road Dún Laoghaire, Co.Dublin

    Code: 131

    Phone: +353 (0) 1 8286180