Hotels in Leinster House

    Leinster House Details

    This building originally belonged to the Leinster family, but since 1922 it has housed parliament for both houses, as well as been used for the Royal Dublin Society, as well as the National Library and a museum. The building itself is very grand, with stone steps and pillars and a great number of rooms.The Leinster Lawn has been used to host various events including the Dublin horse show and spring show. The house has been visited by many famous country leaders, and has a number of statues of famous leaders in the area and around the lawns. The building has been expanded to allow space for all of the activities which take place inside.

    Address: Kildare St, Dublin 2, Ireland

    Opened: 1748

    Phone: +353 1 618 3000

    Architect: Richard Cassels