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    St. Patrick's Cathedral Details

    St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin was built next to a well where legend says St. Patrick baptized converts from paganism to Christianity. Even though the site is full of the history of Ireland, the cathedral is not a museum but a living building dedicated to holding services every day of the year and sung services six days a week. The tradition of music is rich at St. Patrick's Cathedral dating back to when the cathedral choir took part in the first performance of Handel's Messiah in 1742. To this day, it is the only cathedral in all of Ireland and Britain with a choir that sings two services a day.The existing cathedral was built in the year 1200 and completed in 1270. In the years following, many renovations have been conducted, but the building has managed to maintain its historical purity and provides tourists with a sense of stepping back in time to the days when men like Jonathon Swift was dean. The gargantuan west tower, which was built in 1370, houses one of the largest peal of bells in Ireland. A tour of St. Patrick's Cathedral should always be paired with a visit to one of their services, to better appreciate the culture and history of the parish that is associated with the famous saint that brought Christianity to Ireland.

    Address: Saint Patrick's Close, Dublin 8, Ireland

    Phone: +353 1 453 9472