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      Desmond Castle- French prison Details

      The Desmond Castle, which is a prison, is seen as magnet attraction situated in Kinsale that pulls together a crowd of visitors from all walks of the world. It was initially built as a custom house by the Earl of Desmond around the 16th century. The first time that the house was used as a prison is when the Spanish occupied it in the early 17th century to use it as a prison for captured American sailors during the American War of Independence.The Desmond Castle then became known as the French Prison after 54 prisoners who were mainly French seamen, died there in a tragic fire. As one enters the castle, one may see the Geraldine arms, bees on a quartered shield, while there is a mirror image of royal arms displayed high above the building. The three story tower house is a high recommendation for a visit by tourist experts.

      Address: Desmond Castle, Cork Street, Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland

      Phone: +353 21 477 4855