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      Killarney Park, with its distinctive combination of mountains, lakes, woods and waterfalls under the ever changing skies gives the area a special scenic posture, an unforgettable moment for National Park connoisseurs. As it was Ireland's first National Park in 1932, when the Muck Ross Estate was presented by Senator Arthur Vincent, it marks for a great activity in Killarney. Large areas of the Blanket bog are supported by the old red sandstone, while the remoteness and relative inaccessibility of certain areas assist in the constant survival of the indigenous Red Deer, Ireland's only wild herd.On the shores of Lough Leanne, woodlands of great significance such as the large areas of swamp woodland called Carr can be found. They provide an important refuge for wildlife. Sport Angling, being renowned a popular pastime for many generations In Killarney, owes its credit to the three interlinked but distinct lakes at the center of the Park. A population of brown Trout and Salmon can be found therein. Killarney National Park is one of the Major contributors towards the popularity Killarney has won over they years as Ireland's best known tourist destinations.

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