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      Limerick Museum Details

      The Limerick Museum is a very popular museum located by the Castle Lane in the heart of Limerick City. It is found beside the King Johns Castle, which makes it very convenient for the traveler to see. This Museum is home to an excellent array of comprehensive displays that depict the long and varied history of the city of Limerick and its surrounding area.The museum, in 1992, has won the first ever Gulbenkian Award. There is a wide range of showcases that include a currency exhibition and a history of trade. The most notable items in the collection of the museum are the Civic Sword, the city Maces and the city charters of Charles I. The visitor can also get to see the award winning examples of Limerick lace that are currently on display. Apart from the museum being free to the public, it is a great place for one to visit.

      Address: City Hall, Merchants Quay, Limerick, Ireland

      Phone: +353 61 417 826