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      Shannon Airport Details

      Shannon Airport is registered as part of the Dublin Airport Authority, an airport management company that has over 3600 employees and turnover in excess of half a billion Euros. The company manages these airports: Dublin, Cork and Shannon. The airport, also known in Irish as the Aefort na Sionna, is located in Shannon, County Clare and is only 24 km from Ennis and Limerick City.Shannon Airport, along with Dublin Airport, are the only two European Airports that offer the United States border pre-clearance service for US Bound Passengers. This allows passengers to have their paperwork dealt with before departure, thus saving time upon arrival in the US. The airport has the longest runway in Ireland and was used as a training field airfield for Concorde. It still continues to be regularly used by several airlines for training purposes and is listed as an emergency landing site for the NASA Space Shuttle.

      Address: Co. Clare, Ireland

      Code: SNN

      Phone: +353 61 712 000