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Visitors who book hotels in Carlingford, Ireland, will find themselves transported back into the medieval past. This city in Lough County has gone to great lengths to preserve and celebrate its roots, which date back well into the 8th century. Located between Slieve Foy, Carlingford Lough and the Mourne mountains, this small city is said to have more historical sites than any comparable sized town in Ireland.If castles are what attract visitors to discount hotels in Carlingford, this city will not disappoint. Taaffes Castle dates to the 15th century and is complete with crenellated battlements, slit windows, a barrel vaulted basement and even murder holes. At the entrance to the citys harbor sits King Johns Castle. This towering structure is dated to the 1200s. The citys own mint, which was built in 1467, is also preserved for viewing as is the ruins of the Tholsel, or gate tower. Visitors who wish to learn more about the citys past and its brushes with Viking raiders and Norman sackers can also stop by the Heritage Centre in the original town hall. When is used to find budget hotels in Carlingford, the medieval past Ireland is famed for awaits.