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Many people think of Ireland in the context of its romantic appeal, as a place of pastoral fields, ancient castles, and leprechauns. Of course, this is only a very detached view of the real country. In truth, Ireland is a place with a great deal to offer the tourist who is willing to delve deep and discover the real soul of the country and its people. From the countrys natural beauty to its legacy in the history of literature, Newtownmountkennedy is a rich countryside you wont tire of exploring anytime soon!Booking a discount Newtownmountkennedy hotel with will allow you to enjoy all that the city has to offer. Start out with a trip to the Irish Sea, one of the most amazing views in all of Europe, and one that will help you to understand the setting of the country all the more before you head off to the National Museum of Ireland. Here, art and artifacts reveal the poetic soul of the country, something revealed even further in the annals of the National Print Museum, which celebrates some of Irelands greatest authors, such as James Joyce.