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    Less than 20 km away from Dublin is the charming County Wicklow. Attractions such as a petting zoo, horse riding and golf are just a few of things that this amazing region has to offer. Wicklow Town is a seaside town and it has a beautiful harbor full of stunning yachts and other boats. There are plenty of places to shop and eat. Many people like to grab a beer and a bite to eat at one of the numerous pubs in and around town. Just north of town is a beautiful beach that is perfect for walks and swimming. Booking cheap hotels in Wicklow and wandering about town is the perfect way to enjoy an authentic Irish vacation.County Wicklow is known for its friendly atmosphere and there are plenty of tourist offices that are great resources for people that want to explore the area. The many garden areas are what most people associate with the Wicklow region of Ireland. There are also a lot of different festivals and other activities for people to enjoy during different times of the year. Getting there is easy to do whether youre traveling by car, bus or train. Its easy to find discount hotels in Wicklow and you can see exactly what this picturesque area has to offer!