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    The Central District of Israel stretches south from Haifa and includes most of the fertile Sharon Plain. Once an area of swamps, this is now Israels citrus country, home of the Jaffa orange. If you stay in a discount hotel in the Central District during harvest season, from November to April, you will find the air almost intoxicating. That is the scent of the ripe citrus fruits wafting across the countryside.The largest city in the Central District is Rishon LeZion. Here you can see the first synagogue that was built in Israel in modern times (1885). Children love the Superland amusement park. At Yavne there are great beaches for swimming, and the surfing is considered the best in Israel. This is also the site of an ancient Mameluke tower and some Crusader ruins. The city of Ramla is the capital of the Central District. Here you can see three important mosques: the 8th century White Mosque, the 14th century Mosque of the Forty, and the Great Mosque which was built on the site of the Crusader Cathedral of St. John. There is an underground cistern called the Vaulted Pool that was built in the 9th century. Near the town of Lod, which dates back to biblical times, you can visit the ancient Shieks Tomb. According to legend, this town is also the site of the Tomb of St. George, the Patron Saint of England. See the listings at for information on cheap hotels in the Central District.