Hotels in Shoresh

Shoresh Details

Visitors wishing to enjoy a Moshar Shitufi experience on their trip to Israel will appreciate the discount hotels in Shoresh. A Moshar Shitufi is a cooperative village and offers a unique experience to guests who will have the opportunity to participate in many of the village's activities. Visitors will also have the chance to tour local attractions. In Jerusalem, the Archeological Park at the Western/Southern Wall is a site of ongoing discoveries. Davidson's Visitors Center displays artifacts and has visual aids describing the finds from the Byzantine and early Arab eras.The Ethiopian Monastery can be found inside the Old City. It has an elegant courtyard situated directly under the medieval Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Visitors will see Ethiopian monks in robes strolling throughout the monastery. And, guests of cheap hotels in Shoresh will also enjoy the contemporary city center and Ben-Yahuda Street. The street has an open-air mall and green spaces, cafes, and trendy shops.