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Judea and Samaria Area Details

The Judea and Samaria Area of Israel is mainly made up of the disputed region known as the West Bank. There is no clear boundary between Judea and Samaria, as both are part of the same central high ground. Visitors in discount hotels in Judea and Samaria are in the heart of the country that is considered holy ground by Christians, Jews, and Muslims. This was the setting for many of the events of both the Old and New Testaments.Samaria was the site of the biblical city of Shiloh, which was destroyed by the Philistines. An archaeological dig at the modern tel of Shiloah has turned up artifacts dating back to the Bronze Age. At Sabastya you can see some of the most impressive ruins in the Holy Land. The remains of the palace of King Ahab can be seen here. Adjacent to them are parts of King Herods Temple of Augustus. The ruins of a Crusader cathedral are said to mark the graves of the prophets Elisha and Obadiah, and John the Baptist. From your budget hotel in Judea and Samaria you can easily get to Bethlehem, one of the most significant communities in the Holy Land. Now a suburb of Jerusalem, Bethlehem has many sacred shrines. Here you can see the Field of Ruth, Davids Well, and the Church of the Nativity, said to be built on the site of Christs birth. The exact spot, in fact, is marked by a 12th century mosaic.