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Located on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee is the city of Ein Gev, Israel. It is a prominent location for agriculture, though tourism is also important here. Perhaps one of the main reasons so many visit is to enjoy the picturesque lakeside location. Boating, fishing and sunbathing are common attractions. Others come to tour the archeological sites located nearby, including the Greco Roman settlement of Hippos. Alternatively, you can visit the Sussita hilltop where other historical attractions are located. In addition, cheap hotels in Ein Gev, Israel are available in this area.The city is very small, with fewer than 250 people calling it home. It has become a hotspot, though, for international volunteers who come to the area to help as field hands in the argricutural industry, as a way of helping the city to prosper. Stay at the discount hotels in Ein Gev availiable on if you plan to travel here.