Hotels in Ma'agan

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Ma'agan Details

The city of Ma'agan is a kibbutz in the northern portion of the country. It is the largest kibbutz in the area with more than 1400 residents. The land used to be part of the Kabarra Swamp. The Timsah Springs are located nearby, from which the Taninim Stream flows from into the city. Just to the north of the city is Jisr az-Aarqa, a large Arab city. Also nearby is the Taninim Nature Reserve, which is the site of the ancient Roman dam and aqueduct. These have had full restoration and visitors can tour them. If you are planning a visit to see them, do check out the affordable hotels in Ma'agan, Israel.Though not a popular tourist destination, many come to visit throughout the year, mainly to help with the agricultural aspects of the city. The city is now producing a large amount of greenhouse or organic crops that feed the surrounding area. Visitors can tour Abraham's Orchard when they visit. You can stay at any of the cheap hotels in Ma'agan, Israel when you visit.