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    Safed is a holy city and only one of four in all of Israel. It has maintained this status since the 1600s, when it served as a center of Jewish kabbalah mysticism, and the symbolism of its high status is apt when you learn that the city also has the highest elevation in Israel. There are many interesting places to explore in Safed ranging from the artists quarter to a number of fascinating museums that explain the rich history of the city. Safed features gorgeous architecture in its cobblestone alleys, ornate stone houses, decorated iron gates, and even in special landmarks like the Crusader fortress. Whether you love history, art, architecture, religion, or just new experiences, Safed is a fantastic opportunity. Try to book a room at one of the cheap hotels in Safed, which will provide you an affordable trip in a beautiful tourist spot.One way to get a good overview of all these different subjects is to explore the remains of the Crusader Fortress. The Crusades were one of the bloodiest periods in human history, and Safed played a key role during this time because of its elevation. The fact that it was the highest point in the area meant that the Crusaders could build a Christian stronghold to maintain supremacy in the region. That powerful fortress exchanged hands when Muslims took control in the late 1100s, and again fifty years later when Christians retook it. The remains of the citadel look out over the beautiful landscape of Safed. There are a number of cheap hotels in Safed close to the main attractions.