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The glittering azure waters of the Dead Sea are the only place in the world where 330 days a year of warm weather meets the region's famous therapeutic hot springs and mud rich in invigorating minerals. Extensive research has proved that visits to areas with varying climatic factors can hugely benefit psoriasis, eczema and rheumatic or joint diseases. But a trip to the Dead Sea is not just about curing ailments – the luxurious spas make this the perfect place to unwind in a unique natural environment.As well as being the place on Earth that is the lowest below sea level – at minus 416m below - the Dead Sea region also boasts centuries of history, from the Ein Gedi oasis and nature reserve and the ancient monasteries, to the fortress ruins and the imposing sight of Mount Sodom, a 12 kilometre ridge of pure salt believes to be the location of the Biblical city of Sodom, there is plenty here to entertain the culture-hungry visitor. To take the first steps on your visit to the Dead Sea, check here at for the best value accommodation.