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    Herzlia, in the Tel Aviv District of Israel, is one of the countrys most famous beach resorts. It is well known as a place where the rich and famous keep expensive villas. However, many other people come for the beautiful beaches, great restaurants and discount hotels in Herzlia. The beachfront area is called Herzlia Petuah, and is separate from the city itself, which is inland. The best beaches are the Zebulun, the Sharon and the Accadia. Visitors are advised that there is a powerful undertow, and swimming is allowed only when lifeguards are on duty. Nonetheless, this is a great place to relax in the sun, enjoy the seascape, dine in fine restaurants and rub shoulders with the rich. There is a water park and a great playground for children.Follow the seafront road a mile north of Herzlia and you will arrive at Appolonia in the Sidma Ali National Park. Here you will see the ruins of an ancient Hellenistic city and the remains of a Crusader fortress. On the southern edge of the city is a marina where you can shop in a large, upscale mall. Take the coastal highway from Herzlia to Tel Aviv, and you will see memorials to Israels troubled history. One is a ships hull that commemorates immigrants who died trying to reach this land in the final years of the British Mandate. For information on cheap hotels in Herzlia and Israels central and south coast check our listings at