Hotels in Safari Park

Safari Park Details

At this unique Israel attraction, located across the road from the Ramat Gan National Park in the vicinity of Tel Aviv, visitors can go on a real African safari. That is, visitors ride in a special vehicle provided by the park through an open plain of 250 acres, in which semi-wild elephants, hippos, giraffes, rhinoceroses, gazelles, zebras, and ostriches wander around at their leisure. The park has one of the most successful breeding programs of African animals in the world, so that its hippos, elephants and giraffes get sent out to many other countries that are in need of these rare beasts.Visitors with children are especially encouraged to stop by here for the day. Children become overwhelmed with excitement and delight when they find themselves in the physical midst of animals they had only read about before. This is especially true when the animals don't seem restrained in any way. Visitors who haven't seen enough animals by the end of the safari can continue their odyssey at the adjacent Ramat Gan National Park.

Address: Bernstein Street, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel 5225300