Hotels in Savidor Central Railway Station

Savidor Central Railway Station Details

The Tel Aviv Savidor Railway Station is the busiest train station in the train network belonging to Israel Railways, the government organization that runs all the passengers trains in the state of Israel. It is the also biggest train station in the city of Tel Aviv, a city that serves as the central hub for most of Israel Railways' lines. Trains from six of the eight lines in Israel Railways' network stop at Tel Aviv Savidor.The station became operational in November 1954. It was named after the chairman of Israel Railways at the time, Menahem Savidor. A bridge connects the station to the famous Diamond Exchange of Ramat Gan. Nearby, west of the station, is the 2000 Terminal, a major bus terminal. Additionally, tourists visiting Israel and Tel Aviv may avail themselves of the many facilities available at this large train station. In addition to ticket cashiers and automated cashiers, the station has public telephones, automobile parking, restrooms a buffet, a taxi lot, and shopping facilities.

Address: 10 Al Parashat Drakhim St., Tel Aviv

Opened: November 3, 1954