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The province of Agrigento is located in the south of Sicily; the capital city of the province, also called Agrigento, was founded in 582 BC by Greek colonists. Experts imagine that the area is much older than that, though, as the skull of a woman 500,000 years old was discovered not far from the city of Agrigento. This province is on the to-do list of most tourists, thanks to the magnificent Valley of the Temples, located outside the provinces capital. Here, you can see the remains of numerous Greek temples and theaters, as well as a necropolis or two, streets, houses and other archaeological ruins. There is even an archaeological museum. If youre interested in medieval art and architecture, you should head to the center of the provinces capital, where youll find a Romanesque Gothic Cathedral, dating to the 1300's. You can even enjoy traditional festivities; if youre visiting the area in February, make sure to catch the almond blossom festival, which is held in the capital. You can also take a trip to the nearby city of Menfi.