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    Valley of the Temples Details

    The focal point of Agrigento tourism and one of the most popular hubs of tourism for the entire island of Sicily is the Valley of the Temples, or La Valle dei Templi, in Italian. This archaeological park represents one of the most important testimonies of ancient Greek civilization and culture in Sicily. The entire archaeological park is made up of the remains of a series of Doric temples dedicated to various Greek gods; it is located at the southern end of what used to be an important ancient Greek city and now is located on the outskirts of the modern city of Agrigento. The temples were constructed around the 5th century BC, though they were subsequently burned by Carthaginians and later reconstructed by the Romans; finally, anti-pagan sentiments led to their ruin.All the temples face east, so that the statues of the gods that were originally found within them would be illuminated by the morning sun. The only temple that remained intact, called il Tempio della Concordia, was transformed into a church in the 6th century. Other important structures within the valley include the Sacrificial Altar, where hundreds of cattle were sacrificed, and the Temple of Zeus (Il Tempio di Zeus Olimpio), one of the largest temples in antiquity and dedicated to the King of the Gods. There is also il Tempio dei Dioscuri, il Tempio di Efesto, il Tempio di Eracle, a paleo-christian necropolis, and other important structures.

    Address: Zona Archeologica Via Panoramica Dei Templi, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy