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Named after the great philosopher Empedocles, Porto Empedocle is known for its port which is used for transporting wares all around the country. It’s regularly the haven of yachts and boats that stop by in their tour around Italy and other European countries. Because of the existence of the port, restaurants are the common sight in this part of the town. If you want to try the native cuisine in this part of Italy, this town should be your destination for the weekend. Porto Empedocle is home to the tower that was commissioned by Charles V also located in the port. The main structure of the town can be found in its center, the Parrocchia Maria SS.del Buon Consiglio built a century ago.As expected, most of the hotels in Porto Empedocle are situated near the port. Even though most of these hotels are in the port are discount hotels, Porto Empedocle hotels are at a lower rate in the center of the village. Still, the Porto Empedocle cheap hotels provide an equal accommodation and ambiance to all its visitors. You can get the best Porto Empedocle hotels at great rates in