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You have probably heard Italy described as having the shape of a boot. If so, then the island that the boot appears to be ready to kick is Sicily. In the province of Agrigento, you will find the small town of Realmonte about 15 kilometers away from the town of Agrigento. It sits on a hill that faces the sea and has several mountains perched above it. The dramatic landscape has made the village very popular with tourists. Although there are a number of resorts in the village and surrounding regions you can still find a number of cheap hotels in Realmonte. If you are planning to visit the village in summer, just be sure to start searching for your budget Realmonte hotel on several months before your trip.One of the most interesting aspects of Realmonte is the coastline. Not only is it excellent for the normal beach activities, but the cliffside all along this part of the coast is an attraction on its own due to the unusually colorful striations in the rock. The colors change dramatically depending on the location, but in Realmonte they are white. Also visit the 16th century Tower of Monterosso in Realmonte, which is still mostly intact.