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The town of Ribera is found on the island of Sicily in the province of Agrigento. It sits on the Plain of San Nicola, between two valleys. It was once the property of the Prince Paterno Luigi Guglielmo Moncada, but it was the Duke of Ferrandina Giusseppe di Toledo who next led the town and expanded Ribera’s holdings. Today, agriculture is the biggest industry in the area, particularly oranges and strawberries.Visitors can find cheap Ribera hotels here at in order to take advantage of the area’s offerings. One of the major attractions in the city is the birthplace of the famous statesman Francesco Crispi. But for those not so interested in politicians, there are other options. The Palazzo Municipale dates from the 1800s, and the town’s Chiesa della Madre (Mother Church) was built in the 1700s. Just a short drive away are the 12th century ruins of the Castle of Poggio Diana, with a necropolis nearby containing more than 30 tombs.