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Sciacca, with a population of 40,240 sits in Agrento on the south-west coast of Italy. It has been a spa resort since the Romans. Sciacca has been under Carthaginian, Roman, Saracen and Norman rule. While you stay at any of the Sciacca hotels, including Sciacca cheap hotels, perhaps booked with the help of, visit the various remains of Sciacca’s past. These include the ruins of the Castella dei Luna from 1380. Only its outer walls and a tower remain. The cathedral, dedicated to Mary Magdalen, dates from the 12th century but has a 16th century façade.In a weekend, Sciacca can show you its fine palazzos and ancient piazzas. If you venture from any of the hotels in Sciacca, seek out the Piazza Scandaliato. It is the very heart of town and features the town hall, formerly a Jesuit college. Stroll along the terraces that face the sea. Leave the discount hotels Sciacca offers to look at San Nicolò la Latina dating from the 12th century. Santa Margherita is from the late 14th century. The Town Gate/Porta di San Chiesa del Carmina Salvatore, west of Casa Arone, is an example of 16th century baroque architecture.