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Cassine is a town located in the Province of Alessandria, in the Northern Italian region of Piedmont. This cute little town has a lot to offer tourists and this is why it is visited every year by hundreds and hundreds of people. Located in one of the main squares of Cassine, the Church of San Francesco, with its façade, its two bell towers and its many frescos from the 1400s, really deserves to be checked out. One of the best times to visit Cassine is September, and its not just for the great wine they produce in that area. It is for the peculiar Medieval Feast that they have. During the feast people go around wearing cloths from hundreds of years ago and the whole town kind of takes a jump in the past, by doing manifestations, medieval tournaments and by serving medieval food. If you want to have a great weekend, Cassine is the right place to visit. Go on to find the discount hotels Cassine has; moreover, in Cassine, cheap hotels are a great option to control your budget. The hotels in Cassine are abundant and so do some reaserch before you choose your favorite among the Cassine hotels.