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Fabriano is a town that is located in the Marche region of Italy. It has been a town since the early Middle Ages. Fabriano is a well-recognized name for paper aficionados, for this city is known for its ancient paper manufacturing. In fact, Fabriano is where the first watermarked paper in Europe came from. High quality watermarked paper is still made here, and distributed all over the world. There are quite a few historic attractions in Fabriano that visitors to this area usually try to visit at least once. They include several churches, such as the Benedictine Abbey, St. Philip, San Domenico, Oratory of the Gonfalone, and St. Catherine, to name a few.Other attractions include the Sturinalto Fountain, built in the year 1285, the Communal Palace, built circa 1350, then rebuilt during the year 1690, and the Museum of paper, where you can see how Fabriano’s most famous product is made. Restaurants in Fabriano tend to serve the local version of Italian cuisine, which is delicious. Hotels in Fabriano should be booked ahead of time if at all possible, as there are not too many of them. If you think that a cheap Fabriano hotel would best suit your needs, look no further than This website can help you to locate the Fabriano hotel of your dreams.